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Hazing will not occur in any chapter of Delta Psi Epsilon Christian Sorority, Inc. Hazing is stupid, dangerous and in many cases, illegal. Not too mention that hazing is definitely against the laws of God. Every soror of Delta Psi Epsilon Christian Sorority, Inc. must earn the respect of her fellow sisters. Hazing does not build respect, it builds fear. 


Hazing is defined as any unreasonable requirement of activity of new members and/or members which endangers the physical well-being of the individual, produces physical or mental discomfort, causes embarrassment, humiliation or ridicule or in any way degrades this individual. 


Specific activities that are prohibited include: 

  • Forced consumption of alcohol 

  • Paddling 

  • Drop offs (dropping off prospective members and forcing them to find their way back) 

  • Harassing them verbally, including screaming and yelling 

  • Required to carry items in plain view, such as rocks, helmets, shields or swords 

  • Morally degrading or humiliating games and activities such as requiring a prospective member to wade in water, to count rinks, to act lick animals or other beings, or to be nude at any time. 

  • Assigning or endorsing “pranks” such as “borrowing” (stealing) items, panty raids, painting property and objects that are not to be painted, or harassing other groups. 

  • Individual interrogations not consistent with legitimate testing for information about the history, purpose or direction of the organization. 

  • Wearing publicly apparel, which is conspicuous, and/or not “normally” in good taste. 

  • Requiring prospective members to be branded. 

  • Requiring prospective members to answer phones or doors with chants, riddles, songs or rhymes. 

  • Deception or threats contrived to convince the new member she wouldn’t be able to join the organization. 

  • Conducting activities which do not allow adequate time for study 

  • Sleep or food deprivation 

  • Requiring prospective members to consume things that are non-food items 


Every prospective member should expect the following: 

  • The right to be an individual 

  • The right to be respected 

  • The right to be treated in a decent human manner 


No person shall be denied a reasonable period of study or preparation of their next day’s classes by the actions, demands or requirements of a registered student organization.


If these policies are not strictly followed it can result in fining of individual members of the chapter and/or suspension of the chapter. The action of hazing if legal action is taken against the chapter by the state may result in the action being brought against local members, national officers, or the trustees of the college or university.

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