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Be A Fruit Inspector

By Soror Skyla Wright

Joan heard that there was a sale on watermelon at her local grocery store. She then decides to head to the grocery store to purchase the fruit. She sees the watermelon stand in the produce section, grabs a watermelon and takes it home. She excitedly cuts into her fruit, takes a taste and realizes that it isn’t sweet enough for her liking. She proceeds to give the watermelon away to her neighbor, Claire, who feels that it is just the right amount of sweet for her. Had Joan paused and inspected the watermelon, she may have found out that it wasn't going to be as sweet as she would've liked.

Often times, people will make decisions based on what they have heard or what they see on the surface. We sometimes make rushed decisions that turn out not to be bad in general nature, but a bad fit for us as an individual. This is why it's important to be “A Fruit Inspector.”

When it comes to sororities, they have a tendency to appeal to the immediate senses. We see the colors and the people in them and we hear the chants. But who is really behind those letters and what do they stand for? What does the organization stand for? Do their belief systems mirror mine? Do I agree with their philanthropic stance?

Time to “Inspect the Fruit.”


Research is not just visiting the “like page” of an organization on Facebook, liking an instagram picture when it pops up in your newsfeed, or sharing a picture of a new line that has crossed. Serious and intentional research includes: Visiting the national website, (ours is, the national Instagram page and any other social media pages. When looking at an organization’s web presence, be sure to look at the individual chapter or colony web presence as well. Look at the followers, types of things posted, and the interactions held via the pages.

After you have inspected the outer layer of the “fruit” , now it is time to inspect the inside. Talk to current members either in person (if applicable) or via those aforementioned social media pages. Are the members warm and friendly? Open? Willing to talk to interested women? All of these things are important aspects to take into consideration.

Above all, Pray! Here at Delta Psi Epsilon Christian Sorority, Inc we are women of deliverance, power, and enlightenment. Our power comes from God! We believe in the power of prayer and giving our lives totally over to God, submitting to His will and His way. Prayer is the key in making this life committing decision. When choosing to become a member of an organization, you are not only signing up for THIS season, but a lifetime. So remember to Inspect The Fruit.

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ASC Group
ASC Group
Mar 11

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Deborah Murgerson
Deborah Murgerson
Jan 10, 2022

I am interested in your Sorority, because it is proclaiming the Lord our God. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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