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Pray, then Build

By Soror Tiffany Marshall

As you build in your community, always be prayerful. We always encourage our interests to pray, pray, and pray some more. As you do this, note that ministry must have a complete vision.

Often times, women believe that they should automatically become a member of Delta Psi Epsilon because they are a Christian. Yes, this is one of our membership requirements, but there's more that you must bring to the table. We also hear over and over how women express their need or desire to be a part of a sorority. However, Delta Psi Epsilon is not your average sorority, in fact we offer more! We are a ministry!

There must be a vision!

Proverbs 29:18 says, "Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is she." With this in mind, what's the vision for your area as you build your group? How will you truly minister to the women of your area? This is what you should be prepared to do because women of Delta Psi Epsilon are ministers in their own right; we all work with a God-given purpose.

Now ask yourself... How could Delta Psi Epsilon really behoove my area? What type of events does my area? What is God calling and leading Delta Psi Epsilon to do in my area? You will need to pray in order to successfully answer these questions. Additionally, the group that you are building will need to pray about the vision that the ministry of Delta Psi Epsilon can do in your area.

Remember, it's more than just being a Christian woman. Ministry must come with a complete vision for if you become a member, you will truly be a working minister of the Word of our Lord.

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